Materials Testing


Construction Inspection & Materials Testing Services

Our material testing laboratory is fully-equipped to provide a wide range of geotechnical material testing, including:

  • Soil Screen Analysis
  • Soil Wash Analysis
  • C-33 Screen Analysis
  • Proctor Soil Test
  • Check Point for Proctor Soil Test
  • Sand Equivalent
  • Cleanliness Value
  • Atterburg Limits
  • Concrete Compressive Strength

We provide field construction material testing/inspections in the following categories:

  • Soil Compaction:
    • Three Troxler 3440 nuclear densometers
  • Concrete Inspections include:
    • Slump Test
    • Air Content
    • Test Cylinder for Compressive Strength

Our testing methods are in full compliance with applicable ASTM Standards. We are licensed and certified for nuclear densometer use in the states of Washington and Idaho. Our inspectors are also ACI-certified for concrete testing purposes. Our equipment is regularly calibrated as required by applicable ASTM Standards.